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Senior Mortgage Specialist – Mortgage Product - HSBC Bank ( Viet Nam ) Ltd HSBC - 6/2014- Now Product : Mortgate , Personal loan , Credit Card , Term Deposit …. * Business Development & Strategies - Build up business plan for team every month - Find potential customers from more channels such as: referral, cross sell, approached company, collect data base - Build up and update product knowledge and handle situations effectively such as demanding customer - Set up good relationship with more customers such as HR manager, Accountant manager, Director …. so that provide banking product for their staff - Follow up processing product (from: customers prepare to submit documents, handle pending and end process - Compliance with policies, regulations and standards about service by sales team ✓ Find potential customers matched to target segment of the Bank ✓ Contact new-to-bank customers by calling or meeting face-to-face (outside the Bank) ✓ Contact other channels such as real estate sale agents, developers, real estate meeting, etc to increase potential customers. ✓ Participate in promotion or marketing sale activities (giving leaflet, booth at trade centers or real estate exhibition, etc) ✓ Introduce product’s features to persuade the customer choosing Bank’s products and services ✓ Understand and analyze customers’ demands and income to find the best solutions for them. ✓ Check the correction and sufficiency of required documents submitted by customers ✓ Achieve personal target to meet the business sale growth plan ✓ Manage and motivate a small team (include 4 members) for daily sale activities ✓ Report weekly and monthly to Mortgage Sale Manager Retail Banking Officer – MSO – Mortgage Product Anz Bank- 6/2012- 6/2014 ✓ Sell products and services for individual customers to achieve individual targets and KPIs business objectives by Team Leader / Manager ✓ Develop and implement a plan to sell the products of personal banking (lending products, mortgage Product , payroll accounts, payment accounts) to ensure business targets assigned; ✓ Implement sales activities outside the daily: call for conducting customers new and old; Sales appointments and product introductions; Plan to meet sales; Fasteners sales ... ✓ Implement methods improve sales performance; ✓ Develop new customers, focusing on business operations in order to achieve personal; ✓ Manage and monitor customer credit after disbursement, customer reminders and interest repayment; ✓ Cooperation cross-selling;

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The chap, tin chap, bao hiểm Suc khoe, the tin dung

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Công ty: Ngân Hàng TNHH Một Thành Viên HSBC Việt Nam
Chi nhánh: Tòa nhà Metropolitan
Ngày đăng ký: 30/03/2016

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