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Sake Central ưu đãi thẻ tín dụng Ngân Hàng TMCP Tiên Phong đến ngày 15-08-2020

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Thời gian áp dụng : từ ngày 15/08/2019 đến ngày 15/08/2020

Địa điểm áp dụng : số 59 Đông Du, Phường Bến Nghé, Quận 1, Hồ Chí Minh

Thời hạn khuyến mại : Thời gian: áp dụng từ ngày 30-11--0001 đến ngày 15-08-2020

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Sake Central is a celebration of Japanese culture through food and beverage, with a primary focus on sake. Created by an international team from Japan, Europe, and North America, the concept behind Sake Central is rooted in promoting the sake industry and Japanese culture on a global scale. Currently located in Hong Kong’s historic Police Married Quarters, the purpose of Sake Central is to be an educational and multifunctional retail space. Working with Hong Kong's existing sake community, we offer an extensive variety of sake bottles from small and large breweries both in and outside of Japan. The space also features a cultural pavilion, specialized brand displays, handmade Japanese glassware and ceramics, as well as a sake bar with otsumami from Chef Lok Yan Li.

Saigon loves Sake! Sake Central Saigon is rooted in promoting how far the sake industry and appreciation of Japanese culture has spread. Sake Central Saigon aims to deliver a new experience to the Saigon dining scene with a lineup of carefully selected sakes from all over Japan.

The space features a private dining area, specialized brand displays, and retail for Japanese glassware and ceramics and the 24-seat bar is meant to provide guests of Sake Central Saigon with more than just a casual dining memory. Sake Central Saigon can accommodate intimate tastings or be opened up to more people as an izakaya. It can be booked out to host private parties and even provides Japanese products such as sake, glassware and Japanese Whisky for retail order and take away.

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